Siesta 4.1.5 does not produce .tsde file

Dear All,
I’ve been using old siesta versions.
Now I’ve moved on ver. 4.1.5. I need to calculate the transmission function of a 1D system (2 electrodes).
After successfully calculating the electrodes .tshs and .tsde (using the --electrode flag) I need obtain the transmission function with a bias larger than 0 V. However I get the following error.
“ts: You have to calculate the 0 V and re-use the TSDE from that calculation.”
But using the transiesta mode, the .tsde is not produced with 0V bias.
This behavior is somehow different from the previous versions (I’ve been using the 4.1.3b for a while).
Any suggestion?

Did you tell TranSiesta to save the DM files? SaveDM, i believe?

thank you for your Reply.
I use Write.DM but transiesta does not produce the .tdse
The option SaveDM is not documented in the Siesta 4.1.5 manual.