Migration of the SIESTA discussions to new platforms

This is a reminder for all users (@trust_level_0)

To make interactions between users and developers easier and stronger, the SIESTA Community is reducing the number of channels where all its discussions and communications are happening. Please read the following carefully.

If you have a question about the capabilities of SIESTA, or about how to use it in a specific application, please check the Matter Modeling StackExchange. We monitor all the questions that have the [siesta] tag, so please don’t forget to specify it if you create a new question. For real-time interaction with the SIESTA Community, please connect to the SIESTA discord server. The invitation link is Siesta. For bug reports and other queries related to the code, please refer to the issues section of the SIESTA development project on GitLab.

As a consequence, this forum will switch to read-only mode in June 2024 and new registrations will be disabled. Access to the existing discussions will remain open.

Many thanks from the Simune Team to all people who have been participating to this discussion space! We also thank you in advance for your understanding.