Error during siesta master branch installation

Greetings siesta experts,
I am a new siesta user and was trying to install siesta master branch with git 2.7.4. But during compilation I got the following error and don’t know how to proceed further. I cloned the siesta master branch from the gitlab with command “git clone
I started the compilation with the following commands:

  1. I started from the Obj directory with command “…/Src/”
  2. gfortran.make is copied to the Obj folder
  3. cp gfortran.make arch.make
  4. make
    Then after sometime the following error popped up on the screen.

make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/home/bhanu/siesta/Obj/Serial/Libs’
gfortran -c -O2 -fPIC -ftree-vectorize /home/bhanu/siesta/Src/posix_calls.f90

ERROR: This version of SIESTA cannot be identified.
ERROR: Support for unidentified versions of SIESTA is unfeasible.
ERROR: We strongly recommend the use of official releases
ERROR: of SIESTA, which can be downloaded from
ERROR: Releases · siesta-project / siesta · GitLab .
ERROR: Alternatively, you may clone the official SIESTA git
ERROR: repository at siesta-project / siesta · GitLab .
Makefile:454: recipe for target ‘/home/bhanu/siesta/Src/…/SIESTA.version’ failed

Any comment and suggestion on the solution will be highly appreciated.
With best regards,
B. Chettri

In case another user has this same issue and finds this page, this is being addressed in the SIESTA GitLab issue #110 Compilation failure in the master branch for git < 2.13 (#110) · Issues · siesta-project / siesta · GitLab .

It has been successfully resolved. Please use git 2.13 and above.

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